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List of Directors and their Role and Function

The following table provides the membership information of the Board of Directors (the “Board”), the Audit Committee (the “AC”), the Remuneration Committee (the “RC”) and the Nomination Committee (the “NC”) of the Company and the Board members’ role and function in the Board, AC, RC and NC respectively:

Members of the Board Members of the Audit Committee Members of the Remuneration Committee Members of the Nomination Committee Their Role and Function in the Board or Committees
Executive Directors:
Cheung Hoo Win       Chief Executive Officer of the Company
Ng Yiu Chuen        
Mak Kit Ping        
Zhang Yuyan        
Chen Lili        
Independent Non-Executive Directors:
Zhao Qingji χ χ χ Chairman of the Company
Lo Tsz Fung Philip χ χ χ Chairman of the AC
Yeung Shun Kee χ χ χ Chairman of the RC
Li Hancheng χ χ χ Chairman of the NC
Lee Kwok Yin Denthur χ χ χ