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Strategic Investments

The Group is continually exploring other new business developments. In 2015, Brighten Management Limited was established as a multi family office for the primary purpose of making proprietary strategic investments into startups, small and medium sized enterprises, and high growth companies, typically with high gross profit margins.

Through securitisation techniques, derivatives expertise and business strategy consulting services, our investments typically involve invoice discounting, equity options, joint ventures for distribution expansion and business strategy consulting to minimise investment risks and maximise returns.

Our track record includes:

  1. Use of the financial instrument, Hong Kong Residential Mortgaged Backed Obligations, to raise funds for business development of the Group.
  2. Investments in several small to medium sized enterprises in Hong Kong and Singapore.
  3. Joint ventures and business strategy consulting for companies looking to expand their footprint into Asia and Hong Kong companies looking for distribution expansion into Southeast Asia.

Having successfully built several high yield portfolios and revenue generating platforms, Brighten is also always looking for co-investment and/or partial or total asset disposal opportunities. We also welcome other families and/or family offices to talk to us regarding potential opportunities to work together.